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Jakub Korytko

Software Developer

I bring an open-minded approach to technology, and my goal is to contribute to impactful projects that raise digital standards. While I am into modern technology, I am familiar with traditional ways of solving problems, which reduces the chance of reinventing the wheel.

Lack of commercial experience can be misleading in my case. I was the founder and lead programmer of a team that built free products used by thousands of people.

In addition to clean code, I also bring a sophisticated sense of humor to the team. Because even in the world of programming, a good laugh can be the best debugging tool.


React images-cloud

A universal project that allows you to host a comprehensive cloud-based image gallery application with various tools for image manipulation

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React data-graphs

Transform raw data into captivating visual stories with this app, effortlessly craft stunning data charts that unveil insights and trends

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React web-tools

A toolkit for simplifying the digital realm, offering lightning-fast link shortening and seamless file hosting

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C custom-stack

Versatile project that allows dynamic stack creation for any data type without arrays, enhanced for ease of use and adding of new types

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C sort-analysis

Project analyzing the performance of sorting algorithms, with implementations, efficiency analysis, and a comprehensive report

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C c-tasks

Solutions and a versatile template for adding and compiling tasks and projects ranging from basic calculations to more complex analyses

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Python file-manager

Flexible console application for efficient file management that can be extended with your own commands

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Python python-apps

Extensible console application for running categorized applications from a menu that is easy to customize and share

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C# algorithms-library

A versatile project with a comprehensive collection of basic algorithms designed for easy customization

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C# words-guesser

An easy-to-use console word guessing game that can be easily customized with your own words - perfect for adding a quick, fun distraction to other applications

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Web Development
  • React React.js React
  • Redux Redux Redux
  • React Router React Router React Router
  • Sass Sass Sass
  • Bootstrap Bootstrap Bootstrap
  • CSS3 CSS3 CSS3
  • Express.js Express.js Express.js
  • Node.js Node.js Node.js
  • Webpack Webpack Webpack
  • SQLite SQLite SQLite
  • MariaDB MariaDB MariaDB
Version Control Systems
  • Git Git Git
  • GitHub GitHub GitHub
Programming languages
  • TypeScript TypeScript TypeScript
  • JavaScript JavaScript JavaScript
  • Python Python Python
  • C C C
  • C++ C++ C++
  • C# C# C#
  • Jest Jest Jest
  • React Testing Library React Testing Library React Testing Library
  • Docker Docker Docker
  • Linux Linux Linux
  • Nginx Nginx Nginx
Other Frameworks
  • Electron Electron Electron
  • .NET .NET .NET
Package Managers
  • Yarn Yarn Yarn
  • PIP pip PIP
  • Chocolatey Chocolatey Chocolatey
  • NuGet NuGet NuGet
  • WebStorm WebStorm WebStorm
  • NeoVim NeoVim NeoVim
  • Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio Visual Studio Visual Studio


Feb 2021 - Jan 2022, LizardsGames
Founder, Software Developer
  • Successfully led a team of 10 individuals in completing two projects, one of which was well-received by nearly 9,000 people.
  • In addition to participating in game development, I also maintained the website and configured the server. These actions helped to generate more interest in our products.
  • Created many tools for the team, such as an internal electron application to manage our work (kanban boards, file manager, and more), or a bot that retrieved tasks from our server and sent them to our team members via Messenger app, speeding up the production process.
Oct 2020 - Nov 2020, Kraków Miastem Startupów
Unity Developer (Work placement)
  • Participated in the transformation of a conceptual game design into a fully realized interactive application using the Unity engine.
  • Made the process immeasurably easier by suggesting new tools (like Twine) that were later implemented.
Mar 2020 - Apr 2020, Alior Bank
Data Assistant (Work placement)
  • Performed secure data erasure procedures for corporate hard drives, systematically documenting critical information in an organized database.







8th best technical university in Poland according to Perspektywy 2023
Politechnika Krakowska / Cracow Universtity of Technology (Cracow, Poland)

Oct 2022 - Present, part-time
Computer Science, Bachelor of Engineering

2nd best technical school in Poland according to Perspektywy 2023
Zespół Szkół Łączności / Upper Secondary School of Communications (Cracow, Poland)

Sep 2018 - Apr 2022
IT Specialist